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It was always going to be the third single, it was always going to be the song that leads into Christmas just because it’s one of those songs.
Ed Sheeran on Thinking Out Loud being the third single off of X. [x] (via edsheerandaily)

Just went out and got crazy! Fourteen/fifteen thousand people in Nashville just rocked the foundation of the Bridgestone Arena by jumping all at the same time, it was pretty epic. That was about as crazy as it gets, you know? I’m pretty stocked that I was here on the last night. It’s gonna sink in, it’s like when I watch the video back or when I check it out on my iPhone —I got a text from a friend of a picture of it actually happening— then I’ll believe it. Thanks to all the fans, thanks, of course, to miss Taylor herself. Thank you! Thanks for everything. You rock. Congrats!


Perfectly Timed Dog Photos [boredpanda]

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Of army doctors and complete dickheads.

Newspapers in the Sign of Three



hey i’m 5 away from my next hundred and i’d be awesome if i got some help???

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I worked with a lady that came into work one day with no hair. No one mentioned it, no one talked about it. She was wearing a bandana so we all knew she was bald.

But I have ADD, and not so great control of my impulsiveness. Finally, near the end of the night I asked. “So… can I ask, what happened to your hairs?”

She smiled and hugged me. I was the only person with the cajones to ask. “My best friend is pregnant, already has a 4 yr old, and was diagnosed with cancer, and her boyfriend left her because it was too much. So I’ve been helping her out, being supportive. And I promised her if she started losing her hair I would shave my head too.”

“Last night she called me, crying because her hair was falling out in clumps. I told her I’d be there in 10 minutes. She shaved me first, then I her.”

It’s the most supportive thing she could think to do.

I just started crying.



Julie Andrews on how she got the part in Mary Poppins.


when walt fucking disney waits for you then you are the absolute queen of everything


my friend kimberley forgot how to spell laughing so she said yay attacks.




My home phone is ringing. I did not know I had a home phone. Interesting development.



when your leg turns against you




when your leg turns against you



He called on parents to take responsibility for their sons’ actions, saying parents must teach their sons the difference between right and wrong.

"When we hear about these rapes our heads hang in shame," Mr Modi said.

"Young girls are always asked so many questions by their parents, like ‘where are you going?’. But do parents dare to ask their sons where they are going?" he asked.

Those who commit rape are also someone’s sons. It’s the responsibility of the parents to stop them before they take the wrong path,” he added.


Okay, say what you want about him, but this is a big deal. This is Prime Minister Modi’s first Independence Day address since being elected. And instead of using this time to talk about Pakistan, like every other Independence Day speech in the past, he stood up there and talked about INDIA’s need for improvement. And amongst his topics, he talked about rape.

And he didn’t describe it as “accidental” or “boys making mistakes”, and he didn’t state that women need to “dress more dignified”, all of which have been said by other Indian politicians. For once, we’re hearing someone put the blame on the rapist, and actually calling out parents to raise their sons properly. Like everyone else, I’m still hoping Modi isn’t another PM who is all talk.

Sure, I’m sad, but I’m not looking to soothe that sadness by replacing it with a new relationship. Women are allowed to be sad, and they’re allowed to be single, and they don’t need to hear that one day a man is going to make it all go away by telling her she is good enough again. She’s good enough as she is.
Charlotte Green (via psych-facts)